A fork of Paul Hsieh's Better String Library

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Better String Library

This is a fork of Paul Hsieh's Better String Library. The following features (or mis-features, depending on your point of view) are included:

  1. Autotools build system
  2. Updated test suite based on Check
  3. Add Valgrind to the workflow
  4. Add continuous integration via Travis-CI
  5. Remove C++ code
  6. Other various improvements

Currently this fork should be binary-compatible with the original code. The only source incompatibility is the removal of the const_bstring type.


Autotools is required to build from the source repository.

$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

A test suite is available if Check is is installed.

$ make check

If Valgrind is installed the test suite can be checked for memory leaks.

$ make memcheck


The original documentation has been migrated into the header files and converted to the Doxygen format. The generated output can be found online.

The original documentation essays are available in the source distribution and are included in the Doxygen output. These essays have been reformatted for easier reading. Minor edits have been made to reflect changes to the codebase.


The Better String Library is released under the BSD 3-Clause License.